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Journal Entries of the Future
credit -- isabellecs

Electronic journals probably felt super futuristic back in the day; I wonder if they still do, or if the entire notion of a journal where you record what happened to you and what you think (a very introspective journal) is dying. Most of the blogs I read are very externally focused, with emphasis on linking to external sites and news, and the occasional introspective post that rarely combines to form a coherent narrative. Of course, this gives rise to a horrible confirmation bias; much like the sense that most people are exhibitionist/extroverts, because most people you notice are ...

Of course, there are essayists who manage to keep blogs that don't link outwards; e.g., see Paul Graham. Of course, you may not want to read him; I'm just about done with Hackers & Painters; I think I recall reading some of the essays on his blog when they were first written and being much more favorably impressed than I am reading the book today. Now, when reading it, I think it's glib, superficial, self-impressed self-aggrandizement ; has the zeitgeist changed or was I simply more easily impressed back then? I just re-added his RSS feed to my Reader feed so I'll be able to judge his new essays as they appear.

Incidentally, as I was writing up this entry, I ran across Blurb, a blog->book producer. I can't imagine ever writing something I'd want to make so permanent, but the sample they show sure does look pretty.

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What, you didn't read "Dabblers and Blowhards"?

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