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Books recently read

Way of the Kings by Brandon Sanderson
Return: An Inn-Keeper's World story by Peter Beagle
Lady Protector by LE Modesitt, Jr
A Hard Day's Knight by Simon R Green
Five Odd Honors: Breaking the Wall by Jane Lindskold
Iorich by Steven Brust
Where Angels Fear to Tread by Thomas E Sniegoski
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Journal Entries of the Future

Electronic journals probably felt super futuristic back in the day; I wonder if they still do, or if the entire notion of a journal where you record what happened to you and what you think (a very introspective journal) is dying. Most of the blogs I read are very externally focused, with emphasis on linking to external sites and news, and the occasional introspective post that rarely combines to form a coherent narrative. Of course, this gives rise to a horrible confirmation bias; much like the sense that most people are exhibitionist/extroverts, because most people you notice are ...

Of course, there are essayists who manage to keep blogs that don't link outwards; e.g., see Paul Graham. Of course, you may not want to read him; I'm just about done with Hackers & Painters; I think I recall reading some of the essays on his blog when they were first written and being much more favorably impressed than I am reading the book today. Now, when reading it, I think it's glib, superficial, self-impressed self-aggrandizement ; has the zeitgeist changed or was I simply more easily impressed back then? I just re-added his RSS feed to my Reader feed so I'll be able to judge his new essays as they appear.

Incidentally, as I was writing up this entry, I ran across Blurb, a blog->book producer. I can't imagine ever writing something I'd want to make so permanent, but the sample they show sure does look pretty.
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The Social Network

One thing I noticed in The Social Network (fantastic movie, by the way) is when Zuckerberg was using LiveJournal, he posted very quick, single paragraph updates, basically bereft of any external links. It's not the way most of my LJ friends post, certainly -- with the exception of those who dump twitter to their livejournal, most of my friends list post multiple paragraphs, or at the very least are writing a paragraph linking to a multi-paragraph content, but of course, this is a very biased selection. It certainly fits in with facebook status updates or even twitter comments, though.

Incidentally, because I had my doubts regarding the accuracy of parts of the film: the blog entries in the film match closely, if not exactly, the excerpts of his actual blog shown in this Slate story, and this Quora thread has a lot of other commentary.
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A little mid-day gymtime

So I experimented today with, when I was feeling tired (not just drained, which I was all day) with going to the gym in the afternoon. Quite good. xxx calories burned, and I feel more able to tackle the work day. On the other hand, I came back up and had a small helping of pasta and peaches for dinner, so I'll be stuck going back down to the gym to work on the stepper and maybe treadmill in a few hours.